On November 26,2012 Laidee Tam was created to make sure I do not lose focus of my goals. Laidee Tam  was a place to come for information about fashion and beauty. Then 2 years later it has grown into a site where you can find the balance between the love I have for my family and fashion.  I'm also  going to make sure you have the latest trends for you and your little ones.  Plus revamp your home with DIYs and last but not least you get to enjoy my family a post at a time. Everyone says you can't have it all but I will show you it is possible

Tamerica I'm a twenty-three year old military wife and mother of two. Just a small town Georgia girl who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Just like every other fashion fanatic in the world I am your typical girly girl, but with some tomboy traits. When I am not tending to my wife/mother duties, I enjoy shopping, reading, designing, and eating. I have my associate degree in Early Childhood Education but my heart is guiding me on a new path. Fashion has always been a part of my life since grade school. By creating Ladiee Tam it is keeping me close to my dreams.

Daniel the best husband in the whole wide world. I have known each him for over four years now, which includes three years of marriage. "You can sit with me" The famous line that won me over. We have so much in common from the love of technology to our birthdays.  May 3, 2012 I became Mrs. Shelly and our lives all started from there. Within nine months we moved to Japan to discover we would be parents.  
Tristan the energetic one-year old who will steal your heart with his smile. He is well-known for his rad fashion and chubby cheeks.  His duty is to make mommie and daddy stay on their feet. He enjoys singing, dancing, and the great outdoors. If you have Sesame Street and Turbo playing he will instantly become your best friend until it end haha. I had no idea that someone so small could bring so much joy to my life.  I am a very lucky woman to have these two dreamboats in mylife.

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