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Styling on a Budget

If you are anything like me you love to save money. When I go shopping I head directly to sales or clearance. The following stores never let me down when it comes to sales such as: Forever21, Wet Seal, H&M, Zara, and MissGuided. Lately I have been searching Aliexpress and Ebay to find me a great vendor to shop from. I know you like DO NOT SHOP FROM CHINA!!, but you would be surprised what American based boutiques get their clothing from china. Once I get a reliable vendor I will make a blog post for you all. Back to the post Ha-ha "Styling On a Budget" is very easy and to help you out I will share some outfit inspiration from some of the stores above. I will try my hardest to keep everything under $150
H&M Coachella / H&M Slim fit trouser / Yesstyle Lace jacket / GoJane Open toe sandals / She In Shoulder bag handbag / Forever 21 chains jewelry / Forever 21 twist ring / Forever 21 glasses

This first outfit is for the music and art festival Coachella. It is very casual but sassy. You can easily add a pair of heels for a night out or sneakers which ever fit your personal style. This whole look comes to a total of $102.

Sunny 90's

I am in love with this so much that it is a must I purchase it. This is screaming 90's with the old school choker and grandpa hat Ha-ha. I would wear this on a day out with my girls or shopping. This outfit comes to the total of $156. A little bit over our budget, but having that bag was a must.

Dressy Sports

I have always wanted to go for the dressy sporty look ,but thought I would look crazy. Being that it is 2016 and It fits into my personal style I think I am going to try it. All of the black plus a top bun screams chic. If you do not want to wear the heels the sneakers will look great with it also. All together this outfit is $228 why? because of the sneakers Ha-ha, but if you already own some sneakers that saves you a lot\.

If you buy any of these items or the whole outfit please let me know. You can comment below or email me pictures.I would love to see some of these come to life. I hope you guys enjoy

Trench Coat + Sneakers | Youtube Channel

Hello Beauties <3 Guess what happen yesterday? I started my very own YouTube channel which only took 3 years ha-ha. I am so proud of myself, I set a goal and I accomplish that goal. I told myself I would not let me OCD get in the way of my YouTube channel. I have been talking to my husband nonstop about recording a video. So this past Sunday we did just that. We made it a family affair. My husband, the boys, and I headed to the spot that I have been eyeing to shoot at.

Caleb Stefan: One Month

Hello Beauties, I know, I know I am late once again, but it's better late than never right. With my mom being here and then the next week was fashion week. I did not have time to write a post or even take pictures. Caleb is a month old. (well, past a month, but you get the picture ha-ha) I just can not believe time is flying by so fast and he is not making it any better. I knew once he got here I would be able to enjoy this little baby who just lay there and sleep... No ma'am Caleb had other plans in mind.

My Attire For Fashion Week + Street Style

Hello Beauties <3 This time around I got to show my style and it felt great. I like to think of myself as a fashionable person and then again to others It may be simple. But that is it I love looking simple, so my beautiful face can shine through ha-ha. No, really I find myself enjoying plain pieces. I would not say I am a true minimalist because I can not give up my statement pieces. I did not get to attend all of fashion week, but I did enjoy myself and had a blast dressing up. I really wish I got good pictures of all of my outfits, however you will get to see them in my vlog ( will be up soon.) So to make this post somewhat lengthy I will share some street style also. I hope you enjoy. 

Day One: Sporty Dress
 (sorry for the quality of this photo I only brought my cell phone the first day <3)