Trench Coat + Sneakers | Youtube Channel

Hello Beauties <3 Guess what happen yesterday? I started my very own YouTube channel which only took 3 years ha-ha. I am so proud of myself, I set a goal and I accomplish that goal. I told myself I would not let me OCD get in the way of my YouTube channel. I have been talking to my husband nonstop about recording a video. So this past Sunday we did just that. We made it a family affair. My husband, the boys, and I headed to the spot that I have been eyeing to shoot at.
Once we got there my husband was very afraid we would be asked to leave because it was a parking lot. I know you're like parking lot why would you all be asked to leave, but if you do not live in Japan you are unaware that we pay for parking at most places. This particular parking lot scenery was amazing it was full of graffiti. I knew my first outfit of the day would take place there. My style is finally peeking through, and  it does not take that much for me to style an outfit.

 I knew it was a must to include the color blush. This color is going to be the color for spring. I thought about doing an all blush Lookbook but I did not have that many moves to pull. Ha-ha, it felt like I was in a music video without the music, but once I turned on my phone and it got real. I was working my stuff and forgot about the camera. The difficult part about shooting was keeping my eyes on my son. He was doing the most turning stuff over, putting his hand on items, throwing rocks, and lastly running towards the road. If any of you would like a 2 year old I have one he comes with everything ha-ha. All in all we had a blast recording this video on the other side editing was a pain in the butt. Being that I am a perfectionist, everything had to be right. It only took me a day to edit this video with the help of my husband. 

Here go some photos from the video

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  1. Blush is absolutely my fave color!!! I just bought a romper yesterday as a matter of fact. Kudos to you on the YouTube channel!!